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Welcome to Westeros …

For fans of HBO’s hit TV series, Game of Thrones, a trip to the Causeway Coast just wouldn’t be complete without visiting some of the stunning locations made famous by the show. A gateway to Westeros, you can explore various nooks and crannies from the Seven Kingdoms for a truly immersive experience you’ll remember for years to come.
Step out onto the Kingsroad and marvel at the natural beauty of the Dark Hedges, or visit Dragonstone, Lordsport Harbour and the site of Renly Baratheon’s camp to see stories spring to life. Our Game of Thrones Tour also throws in a few unmissable locations which might not have featured in the series but are still pretty spectacular. These include Northern Ireland’s first World Heritage Site, the Giant’s Causeway, along with Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, suspended almost 30m above sea level.

If it’s stories, you’re after, then these epic locations have a fair few tales to tell …

See all our tour locations below.

Mussenden Temple and Downhill Beach (Dragonstone Beach)

Eagle-eyed GoT viewers will recognise Downhill Beach as the filming location for Dragonstone, where Melisandre, ‘the Red Woman’, carried out the ‘Burning of the Seven Gods’ ritual. It was here that Stannis Baratheon drew a flaming sword from the fire – Lightbringer – while the castle appeared where Mussenden Temple actually is, thanks to some technical trickery.
With sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean, and one of Northern Ireland’s longest sandy beaches (over 11km), Downhill is a spectacularly beautiful location. Meanwhile, it has its very own slice of history in Mussenden Temple, a classical rounded cliff-top library built for the Earl-Bishop’s niece in 1783, which overlooks the coastline in all its ornate splendour.

Time at location: 60mins



Dunluce Castle (Not a Game of Thrones location, but not to be missed)

Exterior shots of this spectacular medieval castle were used to depict House Greyjoy of Pyke, one of the Iron Islands. Built back in 1500, Dunluce Castle perches precariously on the cliff-side, its kitchens already long claimed by the sea. With a dramatic history, Dunluce Castle is said to be haunted by a banshee, while beneath the ruin lies the Mermaid’s Cave, a huge underground space where it’s said smugglers used to operate …
Time at location: (Photo stop only)

Giant’s Causeway

With its instantly recognisable sprawl of interlocking basalt columns (mostly hexagonal in shape), the Giant’s Causeway is one of the world’s top beauty spots and a must-see for visitors. Depending on which story you want to believe, Northern Ireland’s only UNESCO World Heritage Site was either forged by the hands of Finn McCool, or is the result of ancient volcanic activity … Explore the columns of the Grand Causeway, the Giant’s Boot, the Wishing Chair and the Organ, and make up your own mind while you drink in those magnificent views.
Time at location: 100 mins (includes lunch)



Ballintoy Harbour (Lordsport)

Hidden away at the bottom of a winding road which has as many twists and turns as GoT itself, Ballintoy Harbour will be better known to aficionados as Lordsport Harbour (the Port of Pyke in the Iron Islands). It was here that Theon Greyjoy returned to the Iron Islands and met his sister Yara, while later, he admired his ship in this very location. A small but picturesque spot, Ballintoy Harbour also has two sandy coves and a café which opens in the summer months.
Time at location: 15mins

Carrick-N-Rede Rope Bridge(Larrybane)

A former limestone quarry, Larrybane features in season two of GoT, where it was used as the location for Renly Baratheon’s campsite. King Renly and his queen, Margaery, are seen watching a fight between the queen’s brother and Brienne of Tarth (as it later transpires). The white limestone cliffs are clearly visible in the scenes, while you can see Rathlin Island in the background of some of the shots.
To access Larrybane, parking is at the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge car park and the bridge is another site well worth seeing – if you don’t mind heights … Suspended almost 100 feet (30m) above sea level, Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge was built by salmon fishermen back in 1755 and stretches 65 feet (20m) from the mainland to ‘Rocky Island’, where you can see all sorts of sea birds and enjoy spectacular views of Rathlin Island, Scotland and the Causeway Coast.

Time at location: 60mins

carrick-a-rede 2


The Dark Hedges (The Road from King's Landing)

The elegantly twisted branches of the Dark Hedges are another instantly recognisable sight for GoT viewers, who will know the location better as the Kingsroad. This enchanting avenue of beech trees was planted by the Stuart family in the 18th century in a bid to impress visitors as they approached the entrance to their Georgian mansion (Gracehill House).
Still an impressive spot today, the Dark Hedges witnessed young Arya Stark (disguised as a boy) escaping from the city with Yoren, Gendry, Hot Pie and the other new recruits to the Night's Watch. One of the most photographed sights in the country, this is a truly magical spot.

Time at location: 15mins


Due to the Coronavirus we are are providing Private Tours only and are available to book all-year round at a cost of £320 per day 1 - 4 persons, 5 - 12 plus persons availability and prices on request

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